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The Pre-Law Academy introduces the field of law to high school students. The program covers the due process of law, landmark court cases in American history, and the different careers of law. Students will gain not only the skills of a pre-law student but also an awareness of history and the current events that contextualize law in society today. This is a 16 hours program completed over two consecutive weekends.


What is program structure?

  • 16 Hours
  • 2 Consecutive Weekends
  • Saturday & Sunday EST
  • Online via Zoom

What will I receive?

  • Insights into professional fields through a dynamical educational experience
  • An affordable product allowing students from all walks of life to participate and to be inspired toward certain career paths
  • Lasting connections to Harvard student instructors.

What are the Takeaways?

  • Certificate upon program completion
  • Final creative project which applies all content learned


What is "The Academies?

A space designed for secondary school students to learn about topics they have an interest in or explore. This learning environment provides learners with hands-on experience, an elite curriculum, and insights of a Harvard undergraduate.