Personal Finance Short Course

Personal Finance Short Course

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COURSE TIME: ± 3 hours


  • Quick/Short
  • A Certificate of Completion can be earned


  • Understand the relationship between Savings and Investment
  • Why should you Invest?
  • Know whats active earning and passive earning 
  • How can you achieve Financial Independence
  • Do you want to pursue your passion with a steady flow of income 
  • The Eighth wonder of the world - The Power of Compounding
  • Concepts - Inflation, Purchasing power, Time Value of Money (TVM), Real Vs Nominal rates using simple and practical examples
  • What all investment options are available
  • Practical tips you can follow which Successful Investors use
  • Clarity on Goal-based planning and how you can benefit from it
  • Thumb rules you can use which will make you smarter in no time
  •  Myth busters and financial jargon's made simple.

Lecture Preview: How month on month investment works


Hi, I’m Balaji Mani Khumaran

Balaji is a multifaceted professional who has hands-on experience in diverse domains like Marketing, Personal Finance, Teaching, and Shipping.

He handles all domains in parallel despite the businesses being mutually exclusive. He uses various productivity tools to efficiently manage the various domains he is into and believes in imparting knowledge in a simple manner that can be easily understood by anyone.