Marketing in the Digital Age

Marketing in the Digital Age

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COURSE TIME: ± 3 hours


  • Quick/Short
  • A Certificate of Completion can be earned


  • Create a Brand Map
  • Basics of Marketing - Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
  • Traditional content and effectiveness in marketing
  • Content creation in the era of websites and SEO
  • Content evolution in the social media era
  • Digital campaigns (Importance of content) 
  • BONUS: Create your personal brand as a social media influencer

Lecture Preview: Tips for becoming a social media influencer

Hi, I’m Vimal Pillai

Vimal Pillai brings 12+ years of extensive experience in the areas of marketing, communications, web, and digital technologies.

He has been featured among the “Most Influential MarTech Leaders” by the world marketing congress in November 2017 and is among the “100 most Influential National Leaders in Marketing” listed by CMO Asia in July 2015. He holds a master’s degree in Management Studies and a B.E in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai.

His interests include marketing, social media, investing in stock markets, and writing. He writes two blogs – one on marketing and another on miscellaneous topics. He also writes 100-word stories through his Facebook page – Vimal Pillai’s 100-word tales.