Inner Transformation

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COURSE TIME: 5 Day Program


  • Short
  • A Certificate of Completion can be earned


Learn practical techniques to live a stress-free life, to have healthy relationships, to experience abundance in all aspects, to grow beyond limitations, for mental and physical health, to appreciate yourself, and to grow in all aspects of life. 

This is an immersive course that will traverse the journey of going inwards, understanding our environment, the karmic lessons, and experiencing the virtues of gratitude and forgiveness. 

Let's get started with going within and understanding our own self and how our environment is a reflection of our own self. We will understand the deeper significance of challenging people and challenging circumstances in our lives and use the power of gratitude and forgiveness to overcome challenges and convert them into an opportunity.

Lecture Preview: Welcome and Setting the Energy

Hi I'm Sandeep Chagger

Sandeep is an entrepreneur who founded edVentr and co-founded The Grand Bazaar of India. Prior to being a full-time entrepreneur, Sandeep has worked in the financial sector for over a decade. 

Since a young age, Sandeep has been fascinated with the world of spiritual sciences and strongly believes that spirituality can help tap into one's fullest potential and live a fuller life, with a sense of purpose. 

In addition to exploring and learning about religious aspects and spiritual practices that deepen the perspective of life, Sandeep started practicing Buddhism at the age of 19. He is a practitioner of MCKS Arhatic Yoga and Energy Healing Techniques