Fundamentals of Stock Markets

Fundamentals of Stock Markets

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Part A - Introduction & Basics 

  1. Introduction  
  2. About myself
  3. My Passion & Journey so far 
  4. The focus of the session – Demystifying Stock Markets
  5. The Basics 
  6. What is a Stock Market?
  7. How is the market created?
  8. Key Functions of a Stock Exchange?
  9. Who Runs a Stock Exchange? 
  10. Who participates in the stock market (Investors, Traders, Speculators) 
  11. Understanding 15 Key Terms - (Index, Portfolio, Volatility, Dollar Cost Averaging, Arbitrage, Blue Chips, Risk, Leverage, Margin Trading, Day Trading, Short Selling, DMAT, Dividends, Share Buy-Back, Bonus Issue, Rights Issue.)
  12. Equity Shares and Other Financial Instruments
  13. What is an equity share?
  14. Owning shares of a company
  15. Different types of equity shares (Common stock, preferred stock, Warrants, ETFs (Focus))
  16. Understanding CFDs
  17. Where does equity sit in the overall asset class Matrix
  18. Debt Vs Equity Shares
  19. IPO - Who issues shares & What happens after the IPO

Part B – Investing in Stock Markets 

  1. Understanding Equity Shares
  2. How are shares quoted on an Exchange?
  3. How to make sense of a price of a company?
  4. What attributes of a stock are important for investors?
  5. What happens when you buy a stock? 
  6. Understanding Custody of shares  
  7. Understanding Risk
  8. Investing Vs Trading
  9. Understanding Risk
  10. Who is an Investor?
  11. Investor’s objective and how can it be achieved?
  12. Investor’s Tools 
  13. Who is a Trader?
  14. Trader’s objective and how can it be achieved?
  15. Trader’s Tools
  16. Trading vs Investing – What fits in your agenda
  17.  Global Stock Exchanges (Snapshot) - NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, LSE, HKSE, SGX, NSE
  18. The Case for Equities – Understand the Imperatives 
  19. The Historical Performance
  20. Comparing returns from asset classes
  21. The Legends
  22. Simple DIY investments

Lecture Preview: Understanding the Stock Exchange Ecosystem

Hi I'm Amit Sahi 

A Strategic thinker with 15+ years of enriched capital market experience, Amit began his career with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) where he headed the index products business.

He has been associated with leading exchanges in the UAE, India, and Mauritius. Amit is also a private investor with a niche in identifying emerging businesses. He enjoys a strong network of professional relations in the financial industry in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Mauritius.

Most recently, Amit has worked with Nasdaq Dubai in developing and managing local and regional equity derivatives.

He also led the introduction of 'Global Single Stock Futures' on the platform.