Using Data for Business Decisions

Using Data for Business Decisions

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  • Quick/Short
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  • The horizon of data analytics - Descriptive | Diagnostic | Predictive | Prescriptive 
  • The Intricate matrix of Data-Driven Maturity Index unfolded
  • Linear process of unpacking complicated data sets to infer useful business insights. 
  • Use Case(s) of Data Science in solving business challenges followed by a play-by-play application and interpretation of Data Science in the Financial Industry. 
  • Substantiating the fact that Data is a new Economic Asset class in itself.

Lecture Preview: Data Governance

Hi, I'm Dr. Chiragra Chakrabarty

Dr. Chiragra Chakrabarty is a dynamic professional with over 24 years of experience with a principal focus on the development of the financial markets of the country.


  • Owner of KATIC Consulting
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) Expert for Financial Markets and Forex Reserve management (Monetary & Capital Market Department)
  • Director of Bank of Mauritius (Development and supervision of Financial Markets & Internal Debt Management. Portfolio management of USD 6 Billion (Forex Reserve of the country)
  • CEO of NRIFINTECH Financial Consultancy & Technology(Nomura).