The Fundamental of Sales | Short Online Course

The Fundamental of Sales | Short Online Course

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COURSE TIME: ± 3 hours


  • Quick/Short
  • A Certificate of Completion can be earned


  • Selling a Solution not a product
  • How to win sales and satisfy the Customer
  • What is Selling? 
  • What is the sales mindset?
  • How to engage the customer?
  • Communication Behaviors
  • How to pitch
  • How to talk in Public


  • KNOWLEDGE: Sales steps; Know yourself to better interact with others; Know how to present 
  • SKILLS: Adapt yourself - Listen - Read the others - be crystal clear and coordinated in your language 
  • APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS: Seeking excellence in sales and communication will allow you to be at ease on any occasion 

Lecture Preview: Understanding the customer's wants and needs

Hi, I’m Nathalie Sanchez

Nathalie is a former sales director with more than 25 years of sales experience. 

In her professional experience, she has successfully led Sales and Marketing departments in International Companies such as Toshiba Systems France, SIEMENS Group & Microsoft. She has been in Mauritius since 2011 and has worked as Sales Director for Microsoft Indian Ocean Island (Mauritius) and has been an MQA (Mauritius Qualifications Authority) approved Freelance trainer since 2016. 

Today, Nathalie is an entrepreneur who founded Alinae Consulting, a company that provides tailor-made solutions for companies looking for measurable performance growth with an enhanced return on investment.

Her expertise in Sales and Marketing Management, as Sales Director, enabled her to expand the company's footprint in the Mauritian Eco System as a consultant and operational trainer & coach.