Fundamentals of Trade Finance

Fundamentals of Trade Finance

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This course takes up an extensive topic like Trade Finance and elucidates its most intricate concepts by adopting a close system method where the subject matter and its subtopics are explained from the perspective of business industries. 

The Trainer takes a very hands-on approach while he takes you through the examples of Large industries like Banks & Export Industry as well as insights spanning over SME’s & Startups. 

The Course aims at reducing the level of reworks when doing transactions and touches upon new technologies that are disrupting traditional trade financing, thus, helping your business save time & money!

Lecture Preview: Understanding what is Trade and Trade Finance

Hi, I'm Kevin Goolamally

Mr. Kevin Patrick Goolamally has over 14 years of banking experience and he has worked in trade finance operations, operational risks, and financial market operations. He has extensive practical knowledge of the operations underlying trade finance and is very well conversant with the international ICC guidelines underlying trade finance products. He was the 1st Mauritian to be CSDG (certified specialist for demand guarantees) certified in 2014.