Crowdlending The Masterclass

Crowdlending The Masterclass

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COURSE TIME: ± 2 hours


  • Quick/Short
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  • The concept of crowdlending
  • The Ecosystem & Collaborations
  • The Operating Model
  • Market Size & Forecast | Global/Mauritius
  • The opportunity for SMEs
  • Crowdlending as an investment product
  • Risk/Return of Crowdlending and other asset classes
  • Case Studies | Global & Mauritius
  • Popular Crowdlending platforms | Global & Mauritius

Lecture Preview: Understanding the types of crowds

Hi, I’m Paul Perrier

Paul holds an MSc in Management from Kedge Business School (ESC Bordeaux). He started his professional journey at PwC Mauritius in the Deals department in 2010. Afterward, in 2014, he worked in a Family Office specialized in retail, property, FMCG, and logistics sectors across Mauritius and East Africa. In 2016, Paul launched Madora, a chain of Beauty store chain in Kenya. Paul is Ceo and co-founder of Fundkiss, the first crowdlending platform for SMEs in Mauritius.