Blockchain Professional Certification Exam

Blockchain Professional Certification Exam

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You may have heard the term “blockchain”, but you are not quite sure what it is exactly? Or maybe you have some idea about it, however not sure how it operates, where its value comes from, or how it is developing?

So what is blockchain? 

On the one hand, and as stated in the book of “Blockchain blueprint for a new economy” by Swan (2015), Blockchain is the architecture for a new decentralized trustless transaction system, which is the key component of innovation available. Likewise, Blockchain is like other application layer, executed in the same existing string of Internet protocols, where a fully new level is added to allow economic transactions (it comprises immediate payments in digital currency, e.g., financial contracts that are more complicated in the long long -term).

On the other hand, Blockchain can be used not only for transactions, but also as a recording system and inventory to record, monitor, surveil and perform transactions of all the assets (amongst other forms of applicability, previously presented for the different types of Blockchain) Hence, in essence Blockchain is comparable to a giant ledger system to perform transactions at  a global scale, which can include every particular asset owned by all the parties around the world.

Why should you get to know the technology:

Several industry leaders like Unilever, Walmart, Visa, etc. make use of blockchain technology and have gained benefits in transparency, security, and traceability. Considering the benefits blockchain offers, it will revolutionize and redefine many sectors. These are the five industries blockchain technology is most likely to disrupt in the near future

  1. Banking
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Healthcare
  5. Government

What you will learn:

  1. Enterprise Problems
  2. What is Blockchain
  3. How does Blockchain work
  4. Types of Consensus and Blockchain
  5. Enterprise Data Models
  6. Smart Contracts
  7. Blockchain and 4.0 Technology
  8. Enterprise Use Cases
  9. Blockchain is an Information Technology

The Exam

  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice
  • Duration: Up to 60 minutes

    Learning Material 

    • Pdf Text Book


    • There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.


    • Anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge in Blockchain and wants to expand their skills in this technology to know its characteristics, types, and possible implementations in the private and public sectors.

    Other information:

    • Examination held online 
    • Certification issued digitally by Certiprof
    • After passing you can also claim a digital badge (see product image) for your resume or Linkedin profile 


    • Operating system: Windows 10 / Mac OSX Sierra 10.12 or higher
    • Chrome OS
    • Supported browsers: The preferred internet browser is Chrome. Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari are also supported
    • Screen resolution of 1280 x 800
    • Input Devices: Full Keyboard and Mouse
    • Internet Connection: A download speed of at least 5 Mbps